About our company

UNIQUE HI-TECH Solutions Limited (UNIQUE HI-TECH) is a locally registered limited liability company that has grown with such a great opportunity of experience to make a quantum leap forward as an ICT, Electrical, Mechanical and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Contractor in Uganda.

As full-Service Electrical & Mechanical Contractors, we are able to offer a wide variety of expertise and experience for any projects, from a one-hour service call to on-site weekly, monthly and annual contracts. UNIQUE HI-TECH is at the forefront of a growing technology, using the latest techniques to offer solutions for solving all forms of engineering challenges regardless of the size.


To be a unique one stop Centre for engineering and ITC solutions through the development of cooperation related to offering practical solutions.


To attain our vision through the provision of exquisite craftsmanship, innovation, quality and value with a service that continually surpasses our customers expectations all the time.

Overall Goal

To deliver our services and products to our clients that will enhance better standards of living and development.

Our Mandatory Values

Commitment to increased quality of service and continuous improvement

Courtesy, understanding and respecting our employees.

Growing a committed professional team/work force.

Develop royal clients through timely and efficient handling of inquires amalgamated with swift and fair resolutions of their complaints.

Upholding all laws and regulations that govern the policies and activities of our profession.

Willingness to innovate and change in lieu of attaining competitive advantage.

Our Commitment

Continuous improvement on quality, innovation and doing everything possible to ensure the success of our clients at any cost.